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Chicago based freelance writer.

I've done freelance writing for HelloGiggles, Huffington Post, Seventeen & Hooligan Mag about intersectional feminism, fashion + beauty, and positive news stories. Email:

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This is how you survive: An exploration in The Art AIDS America Exhibition’s final weekend in…

There are currently about 25,000 people living with HIV in Chicago, with the number of new HIV diagnoses increasing about a thousand people per year.

This is what brought the Art AIDS America Exhibition tour, the first exhibition to explore how the AIDS crisis forever changed American art, to the Windy City. They wanted to show that HIV did not just heavily affect coastal cities like New York and Los Angeles, but also right in the heart of the United States as well.

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Best Healthy Food Places in Chicago – Charlene Haparimwi – Medium

Do your body a favor and treat yourself to some yummy treats!

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Finding a New Voice: A Full Length Interview with Illustrator Bianca Xunise

BIANCA XUNISE is the epitome of black girl magic. The twenty-nine year old graphic designer and full time artist is unapologetic in every aspect of her life, but it took her some time to get to that place. Xunise (pronounced Eunice) has bylines with HelloGiggles, Bustle, and her latest and proudest venture, the political cartoon space, The Nib. Her Twitter and Instagram have a number of followers, as well as her Etsy store.

Her drawings are simple, but powerful, going from sweet and funny in the beginning of her career to more longform, deeper and political cartoons. Hooligan had the chance to sit down with her in her spacious Chicago apartment in the picturesque Ravenswood neighborhood. Xunise is effortlessly beautiful as her soft, natural curls fall over her horn-rimmed glasses as she smiles at the camera. Her quiet confidence emanates throughout her room, which glows from sunlight streaming in on this brisk Friday morning.

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Chicago’s urban farming organizations increase food security in the city

Chicago is addressing food security in the city by reworking farmers’ markets, subsidizing urban farms, and making changes through food policy.

One of the farmers’ markets in the city is the Logan Square Farmers Market, which has been a staple in the neighborhood for over a decade.

The market is held every Sunday year-round from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.
The market moved to 2755 N. Milwaukee on Sunday, Nov. 6 for their first indoor market of the winter season. Locals from the Logan Square and Avondale neighborhoods showed up to shop for farm fresh produce, organic foods and ethically made products.

Some of the 150 plus vendors include Earth First Farms, Iron Creek Organic Farm, City Press Juice and River Valley Ranch.

A lot of the produce sold weekly at Logan Square Farmers Market is produced by urban farms and local residents of distressed neighborhoods in Chicago.

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How Parks and Rec Embraced Diversity and Shattered Stereotypes

I miss Parks and Rec, I really do. It was one of the best shows on television, fresh, funny, heart-warming, relatable and riveting. It strayed from its Office co-relation in a big way because of one thing: the people in the Parks and Rec office liked each other. They supported, loved and rooted for each other.

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Community gardens and farmer’s markets are first step in food security journey

On Saturday, Oct. 1 the Chicago-based nonprofit organization, The Plant, held its first indoor farmer’s market of the season. The Plant is a food production and energy conservation organization that operates in a circular food economy.

It is located in Back of the Yards, one of Chicago’s economically distressed neighborhoods. The Plant holds monthly farmer’s markets that employ residents of the neighborhood to grow and sell fresh produce.

Community gardens and farmer’s markets help improve access to healthy food, but most experts agree they are not the only step to increasing food security.

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Experts believe fixing food deserts is not enough

Chicago based ecologist Nance Klehm believes that eliminating food deserts alone will not close the nutrition gap.

“I don’t like the term food desert,” she says during our phone interview. “I don’t believe in using crisis language in social ecological discussions. Blanket terms don’t get to the root of the problem.”

The problem we are discussing are the complexities of access to healthy food and poor nutritional diets. The term “food desert,” defined by the USDA as any area with “limited access to grocery stores and other sources of healthy food,” paints a biased picture of rising obesity rates and public health problems in the United States that Klehm and other experts do not agree with.

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Street Harassment Isn’t Just Annoying: It’s Psychologically Damaging – Medium

Street harassment and the effects of what it does to its victims has been a focus in mainstream media recently. From the company Hollaback!’s viral video, “10 Hours Walking in NYC as a Woman,” to a rebuttal video of why men think it is okay to harass women on the street the debate on whether or not street harassment is just harmless compliments or a reflection on rape culture is hotly debated by men and women. So let’s start with the basics. What exactly constitutes street harassment?

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Why You Should Stop Telling People Not To Wear Makeup

“You look so much prettier without makeup!”

To you that might be true, and though we appreciate that, we do not only wear makeup to impress others. If someone wears makeup because they believe they look prettier with it, so be it.

There are some who prefer our bare face, some who prefer our makeup face, and that is a non-issue. What’s important is what we think about our own face.

Some people feel strange wearing a full face of makeup out of the house and don’t feel like themselves, and some people feel strange not wearing a full face and going out.

If a person is so uncomfortable by either why is it an issue if they do what makes them comfortable instead?

And honestly, most people already know they look amazing without makeup: they just choose to wear makeup because they like it, it’s fun, they’re good at it, it highlights their favorite features or it makes them feel good. Simple.

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How to Be A Great Male Ally in the Feminist Movement – Athena Talks

Men, though you are important to the movement you are not the primary part of it. A woman’s voice and experience should be taken to heart and not be explained over or for. Remember, though you are trying to dismantle the system of the patriarchy and are affected by its negativity, you are inherently benefiting from that very system. You have a place of privilege that women in the movement do not. This is not to dishearten you but to show you the kind of power you have to change things. Use it.

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The Real Winner of the Olympics

The 2016 Olympic Games have been a whirlwind of athleticism, breaking barriers, records and even some hearts along the way. The best thing to come out of these Olympics is the widespread sportsmanship, especially among the U.S. athletes. Here are some of those moments: