Charlene Haparimwi

Charlene Haparimwi

Chicago based freelance writer.

I've done freelance writing for HelloGiggles, Huffington Post, Seventeen & Hooligan Mag about intersectional feminism, fashion + beauty, and positive news stories. Email:

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I Followed Dita Von Teese's Beauty Advice For a Week & Here's What Happened

I started wearing makeup regularly a few months ago, right after my 20th birthday. I stopped chemically relaxing my black hair and started growing my curly, natural African ‘fro, and started to embrace my beauty and femininity in revolutionary ways all thanks to one woman: Dita Von Teese. In...

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8 Black Women At The 2016 Olympics Who Slay For Team USA

As a dark-skinned black woman, I don't get to see myself positively represented in the media nearly enough. But when I started watching the 2016 Olympics in Rio this summer, I was floored by how much black girl magic I saw in so many different events. Watching Simone Biles and...