Charlene Haparimwi

Charlene Haparimwi

Chicago based freelance writer.

I've done freelance writing for HelloGiggles, Huffington Post, Seventeen & Hooligan Mag about intersectional feminism, fashion + beauty, and positive news stories. Email:

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Poems for the Heart Ebook-Also available at Google Books and iTunes!

“Poems for the Heart” navigates the maze of giving one’s heart to the right (and wrong) people. This illustrious book is a compilation of 32 love poems following Charlene on her journey through falling for The Dreamer, The Genius, The Charmer and The Musician. Each section is nothing more than the diary of a teenage girl who decided to put her heart on the page. Share in her joys and laughter, her highs and lows and her happily ever after.